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After 45 years traveling to communities as far north as Edmonton, Alberta south to San Jose, Costa Rica west to Kauai, Hawaii and east to Florida it's time to reorganize my life. I have had most stimulating career teaching great pepople and their horses to be safe and efficient.

Thanks to my partner and wife Doreen, we have made videoing every class for 37 years the keystone of the student's learning experience. The ability to slow motion and analyze speed work built the ADVANCED BASIC HANDLE SYSTSEM that I teach today.

I will do a few select fly-in clinics and will continue to offer great learning opportunities here at the ranch. See our updated schedule with new options.

I want to share with you the knowledge I have accumulated over the years. You will just have to load up your horses and enjoy the trip to Montana to the Horse Wyse Ranch.

Looking forward to continuing teaching for years to come and providing even better experiences for all.

We're Burnin' Daylight - Boots & Saddle Troopers!                            

Patrick Wyse

Training For You And Your Horse

Located in the foothills of the Big Belt Mountains between Helena and Bozeman is our horse facility with a climate controlled indoor arena and several outdoor training pens. Horsewyse Instruction at Deep Creek offers over 800 acres of trail riding with many beautiful and scenic vistas.

My expertise is teaching people to really TRAIN horses. The emphasis has not been on the groundwork but on inspiring students to saddle-up and ride with a purpose in mind.

Since there is a gap between the round-pen and the show ring that horse people need to understand and have filled, the Advanced Basic Handle – a progressive, 10-step skill advancement system, does this and much more. Taught by me throughout the year in my popular Community Clinics and especially in my two week Summer Seminars held here at the Horsewyse Ranch in Deep Creek.

When I ask advanced students who are training horses and also teach, What makes the Advanced Basic Handle important to them? They say it boils down to this – its’ fun, it just plain works and I understand why. Plus the system is backed up with facts and there is no negative patterns to be unlearned later!

What makes this possible: Because the system is built on SOLID SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH. Man has been training horses for thousands of years. Most of the skills trainers use today have been handed down through tradition and not much is truly new. One great exception is the advent of slow motion technology. Monte Foreman was a pioneer in filming horses doing difficult maneuvers at speed. In the late 1940’s he began analyzing how the rider effected the athletic ability of the horse and continued this endeavor his entire life. My knowledge gained from this scientific approach created the Advanced Basic Handle System.

Monte’s work gave me the foundation for understanding two major factors in horse performance:

First the horse has bio-mechanical limitations and secondly the rider’s weight dramatically effects the horse’s ability to perform at a lope.

When walking or trotting, the horse is less vulnerable to the forces of nature. Once the horse begins to move at a lope, regardless of the speed, everything changes for both horse and rider. I mean REALLY CHANGES.

My goal has been to advance the understanding of the relationship between horse and rider as it applies to preparing them to work at a lope. The technology of high quality video with slow motion replay gives me the analytical ability that Monte could have only imagined.
The 30,000 plus students I have coached and videoed, while developing the ADVANCED BASIC HANDLE, has been the most amazing laboratory any equine researcher could hope for.

Now this amazing system is available to you through 2 books and 8 DVD titles, packed full of stop action photography and slow motion analysis.

Look for a Community Clinic near you and inquire about our two week SUMMER SEMINARS in Montana. Plan early, space is limited, they fill fast!

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